STAT Medical Transport can provide a wide range of services at these events, ranging from a fully staffed on-site medical service to emergency treatment and transportation.


Wheelchair transports require a specially trained driver to assist handicapped/disabled patients or those wheelchair-bound but do not require medical care or monitoring. STAT provides bed to bed wheelchair service and transportation for disabled patients, ensuring patients are personally escorted to the security of their receiving destination—never leaving patients unattended. Our service philosophy is to provide the utmost care to our patients, which includes bed to bed services.



STAT Medical Transport crews provide the highest level of compassionate care to our customers whether we are responding to a critical care emergency or performing a routine hospital discharge.
STAT Medical Transport staffs all its BLS ambulances with two certified emergency medical technicians (EMT) qualified to provide a wide range of basic life support measures, including BLS airway control, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and automatic external defibrillation.



STAT Medical Transport’s advanced life support level of transport provides advanced care integrated with state-of-the-art technology. Our ALS ambulances facilitate transport for the most critical patients diagnosed with life threatening cardiac, traumatic or neurological conditions.

ALS level service is designed to meet all the demands of today’s stringent health care requirements. Our licensed ALS units include all the necessary capabilities, special equipment and medications.

The full complement of ALS equipment also includes comprehensive cardiac monitors, a transport ventilator, IV pumps with the ability to control up to five infusions, and transcutaneous pacemakers.

Our ALS providers are trained and certified in the skills necessary to care for patients with life threatening cardiac, traumatic or neurological conditions. Crews are capable of handling the maintenance of multiple intravenous medications.



STAT Medical Transport is a major provider of Critical Care Transport (CCT) services. We staff both paramedic-level and registered nurse-level Critical Care Transport units. Paramedic-level (CCEMTP) units are staffed with specially trained paramedics who have completed an advanced level critical care paramedic course. The CCT-RN units are designed to provide a level of care comparable with a hospital intensive care unit.

These paramedics and RN’s are highly skilled and capable of handling medication infusions, invasive hemodynamic sets, a transport ventilator, IV pumps, transvenous and transcutaneous pacemakers, aortic balloon pump dependency, neonatal/pediatric isolette monitoring and maintenance of multiple intravenous medications.



STAT Medical Transport is the medical transport provider of choice for some of the most prestigious local venues and routinely provides on-site “standby” services at:

  • Music Concerts
  • Professional Sporting Events
  • Fairs
  • School Football Games
  • School Functions